Workshop "Sustainable architectural development - Adaptation to climate change"

A Workshop with theme “Sustainable architectural development - Adaptation to climate change" took place within the the framework of the 2023 Architecture Exhibition organized by the Ministry of Construction in coordination with the People's Committee of Kien Giang province and the Vietnam Association of Architects in Phu Quoc city, Kien Giang province on September 8th.

Dr.Achitect Ho Chi Quang spoke at the Workshop.

Deputy Director of the Department of Planning and Architecture (Ministry of Construction) - Dr. Architect. Ho Chi Quang commented: Sustainable development is an indispensable element in the field of architecture. Architecture must create environmentally friendly designs and buildings that use recycled materials and save energy; develop green areas to ensure the life and sustainability of the community. Architectural works not only meet the increasing needs for infrastructure, living environment and usability, but also protect and improve the surrounding environment.

In the era of population explosion, climate change, the level of urbanization have posed many challenges for Vietnamese architecture: preserving, inheriting, and promoting traditional architectural values; building Vietnamese architecture toward advanced, modern, and riched in national cultural identity; sellecting the quintessence of world architecture and applying science, high technology, advanced technology, and new technology in accordance with Vietnamese practice; ensuring economic, technical, and aesthetic efficiency; using energy economically and effectively.

Dr. Architect. Nguyen Tat Thang (Vietnam Institute of Architecture) said that with the emergence of the 4.0 scientific revolution, architects would have the tools to create the future; connect biomimetic and computational designl; enable the connection of high performance standards and unique aesthetic visions. Innovative supply chain tools enabled selection of the most sustainable materials and suppliers. Every part can be repaired, replaced and reused effectively in the future.

At the workshop, international experts contributed many important presentations: applying architectural technology to reduce energy using for housing; applying digital technology to promote the completion of the national architectural database system; researching the master plan on a smart community complex, oriented towards the elderly health care. Many Vietnamese experts and architects have shared solutions on developing green buildings, greening the economy, reducing energy consumption, helping to cope with climate change and applying digital technology for developing sustainable architecture.

 Concluding the workshop, Dr. Architect. Trinh Hong Viet - Deputy Director of the National Institute of Architecture emphasized: the discussions and exchanges at the workshop have contributed to clarifying the challenges and opportunities in sustainable architectural development in Vietnam. Those are solutions to connect the past with the present, present with the future to create sustainable architectural spaces.

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