Seminar on "Trends in using green, energy-saving and environmental friendly materials"

Within the framework of Vietnam Green Building Week 2023, the seminar "Trends in using green, energy-saving and environmental friendly materials" was held on September 28, 2023, in attendance of domestic and international managers, experts, and businesses. With the authorization of the leaders of the Ministry of Construction, Associate Professor, PhD. Le Trung Thanh - Director of the Institute of Construction Materials chaired the seminar.

Seminar scence

Speaking at the seminar, Mr. Le Trung Thanh said that following the direction of the Government and Prime Minister, Vietnam is currently promoting the development of green, energy-saving and environmental friendly materials. Up to now, Vietnam has more than 300 green buildings. In 2023 alone, there will be an increase of more than 70 green buildings compared to 2022. In particular, the role of green, environmental friendly and energy-saving materials is vital.

New and highly applicable materials, such as 3D printed concrete, construction glass and steel... are playing an important role in promoting the development of green buildings and materials. Those materials not only save energy and resources but also reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve quality of life.

According to Mr. Le Trung Thanh, investment and efforts in technology research and development, process for evaluating green and energy-saving materials, knowledge and skilled human resource are the necessary elements for developing green and environmentally friendly materials. Therefore, there is a need for cooperation between universities, research institutes and businesses to ensure continuous development in the field of green materials and technology.

Saint-Gobain representative said that the Construction industry plays an important role in reducing CO2 emissions and reducing energy consumption, towards sustainable development. There are many studies and solutions to reduce the impact on the environment, in which the development of green buildings and materials is the optimal solution.

Recently, Saint-Gobain has made efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and use sustainable energy through products, solutions, and construction operating methods. Saint-Gobain offers many solutions to help improve energy efficiency such as: sustainable insulation solutions that help reduce up to 40% of indirect emissions related to heating and cooling; ETICS exterior insulation solution system helps improve energy efficiency for buildings...

Another type of construction material that is being researched to have a positive impact on the environment is glass and construction glass. According to Mr. Tsuyoshi Yasuda - Senior Director, Head of Marketing Department of AGC Glass APAC: one of the company's core strategies is to include sustainable development goals in glass development to create society value. The company commits to ensuring that its products and solutions are environmental friendly; meet high standards of energy efficiency and environmental protection. Currently, AGC Glass APAC is also the first glass manufacturer to have glass products certified under Singapore Green Building products. The company has set a phased roadmap towards its 2050 net zero emissions target.

At the seminar, experts and delegates exchanged and discussed technological solutions and new materials to clarify the trend of using green, energy-saving and environmental friendly materials such as : circular economy trend; comprehensive solution for industrial flooring systems; the trend of using insulation materials for green buildings; sintered stone and sustainability...

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